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The non-partisan Rochester Residents Association was founded in late-2000 by a group of residents who are committed to preserving our town’s rural atmosphere but who, at the same time, realize that growth and development are inevitable. We believe that the sometimes conflicting goals of preservation and development can be reconciled in a common sense manner that is acceptable to everyone in our community.

There have been a number of instances in the last few years where residents have been hurt by issues in their neighborhoods. Some of these issues have been extremely divisive and many have resulted in lawsuits and other legal proceedings. Every neighborhood has been affected to some degree. We believe that these conflicts have frequently been distorted by rumors, false information and a lack of understanding of objectives.

The Association was founded to provide a forum to discuss economic, demographic, and other development issues that affect our town in a rational and civil manner, taking into account the history of our town and its distinguished heritage. The Association does not intend to formulate policy; we will, however, attempt to provide unbiased and factual information to assist members and residents in making up their own minds on issues of importance and common concern.

The Association follows a long tradition of local volunteer organizations that have taken the lead in protecting and enhancing the character of our community through informative and constructive dialogue. The natural beauty, open space, and small-town atmosphere that the Association strives to preserve is also a draw to visitors, who contribute to the area's economic base. The Association recognizes that preservation of the local landscape is a key component of a sustainable economic development program for Rochester that relies on tourist dollars to create jobs and build prosperity.



If your family has been in Rochester for a long time, your ancestors might have fought to protect this area.  Joining the Association is a way to ensure that the local characteristics that they fought for are preserved for your children and future generations.

If you are a recent arrival, joining is a way to meet your neighbors and to learn about what's going on in town and in your neighborhood.

If you are a metropolitan refugee or second homeowner who came here to get away from it all and aren't interested in "getting involved" it is important to join the Association in order to support efforts to preserve the tranquility and natural beauty that brought you to our community.

If you are a business owner, it is a good way to discuss ideas about sustainable business activity and to learn how to increase your business activity in a non-invasive manner.

If you are a developer, the Association provides a forum to discuss ideas that will maximize the value of your investment while at the same time protecting the qualities that make Rochester an attractive community to live and work in.


We urge you to join our efforts to preserve the positive qualities that make our community a special place. If you have any questions about our activities, please write or send an e-mail to resident@accord-kerhonkson.com


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Fall 2001 Newsletter - Townwide Survey

Spring 2002 Newsletter - Townwide Survey Results

Summer 2002 Newsletter - Metro Recycling & Crushing Mining Update

Summer 2004 - Taxes & Casinos



All contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

To contact us, please e-mail: resident@accord-kerhonkson.com


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