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The Rochester Residents Association is open to all residents and people interested in the Town of Rochester -- property owners and renters, farmers, second homeowners and members of the business community.  You can join by filling out this form and mailing it with your check to the Rochester Residents Association, Post Office Box 257, Accord, NY 12404.

(     )     Yes, I wish to join.  With your membership, you will receive a quarterly newsletter and invitations to our events.  If you provide your e-mail address, you will also receive periodic e-mail updates of news about town.

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Annual Dues:    Individual:        $25.00

                        Family:            $35.00

                        Sponsor:         $50.00

                        Benefactor:   $100.00

                        Other:           $________________


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Past Newsletters (in .pdf format)


Summer 2002 - Metro Recycling & Crushing Report

Spring 2002

Summer 2004 - Taxes & Casinos